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The Longwood Foundation is dedicated to the people, environment, and communities of Delaware and southern Chester County in Pennsylvania.  We accept grant requests from all organizations that have received 501(c)3 status from the IRS (if you are a non profit without a 501(c)3 certification, please call us). 

The Foundation was formed in 1937 by Pierre S. du Pont and has made grants to non-profits of over $2 billion since.  Please see the History tab under About Us to learn more about the last 75 years.  We invest primarily in the education, health care, environmental, housing, arts, social services, and civic sectors.  We are looking to make grants that will accelerate an organization towards its own success and in the process help solve a community challenge in our geographic boundaries.

We’ve added three new tabs to the website that are worth some review before submitting a request to the Foundation.  First, over the last year, we have researched and identified the Foundation’s values and mission (each has their own tab in the About Us section of the site).  The former reflects  the values of our founder and the latter is how we bring those values to life through philanthropic work today.  Second, we have added a Frequently Asked Questions tab under the Apply for a Grant tab.  These are questions that are often asked by our staff when an applicant submits a request and deserve some consideration as you prepare yours.

We welcome your feedback about the Foundation, its operations, and this website

Thère du Pont

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Call us direct at our new number (302) 683-8200
The Longwood Foundation, Inc.
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March 1, and September 1