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March 1 & September 1

Longwood Foundation has recently added Simplify to the grant application process. This program is a collaboration among Guidestar, the Technology Affinity Group, and various Grant Management software companies. The purpose of Simplify is to make the grant application process easier for nonprofits when they are applying to participating foundations. The basic data of the nonprofit is stored in Guidestar and is uploaded to Longwood’s database automatically when you enter your EIN number in the beginning of the online grant application. The program is free to the nonprofits. Simplify eliminates the repetitive elements of grant applications, so nonprofits can spend time advancing their missions rather than completing unnecessary paperwork, and funders can manage their grantmaking process more efficiently. Together, Simplify is a seamless, automated information flow allowing funders and nonprofits to focus less on process and more on purpose.”

To check or update your information, go to guidestar.org, and log in to your account.

If your organization is not in the GuideStar Exchange, go to guidestar.org and create an account by clicking on the “Update Nonprofit Report” link and following the directions to complete the GuideStar Exchange Form. There is no cost for nonprofit organizations to have their data stored in or shared from the GuideStar Exchange.

Data included in Simplify:
Organization information
Mission and impact statement
Demographic coding
Financial information
People/contact information
Uploaded documents
IRS information

Here’s a link with more information. http://www.simplifynow.org/nonprofits/why-simplify/